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Native Land
The year is 1941 and Operation Barbarossa is well under way. Strong points and fortifications have been established aimed at delaying the quick advance of the German Army. Tanks, AT and AA guns have been dug into covered positions in preparation to repel the fascist invaders. The Red Army Air force hastily scrambles any of its remaining fighters in a desperate attempt to hamper the Luftwaffe's bombing efforts. The open steppe has proven to be ideal terrain for the German Army's blitzkrieg tactics, allowing the Germans to cover a great deals of distance in a shockingly short amount of time. The Red Army faced constant setbacks, hampered by a lack of equipment, ammunition, modern tanks and planes as well as many painful tactical blunders. Despite all these setbacks they will stubbornly hold out and stall the enemy for as long as they can so that maybe their comrade forming defensive lines behind them may prevail.
Russian Colossus
A group of Kliment Voroshilov tanks make their way to the front during the Kharkov Defense Operation in the March of 1943. The KV-1's tankodesantniki enjoy the calm of the ride as they go through the country side, for they know when they get to the front there will be no rest.
Sea of Mud
During the Spring Rasputitsa in early 1943, the Red Army launched a series of counteroffensives against German lines in the southwest.

The Red Army's victory at Stalingrad turned the tide of the war. Vast areas of ravaged land were reclaimed and the Red Army's momentum seemed unstoppable. Near Kharkov the reformed German Army Group South planned to encircle and destroy the Soviet spearhead, as the ice and snow thawed, the battle for the Motherland continued in the southern fronts.
Descent into Hell
Most of Moscow's underground now lies underwater,do to the massive flooding most of the Metro has become unreachable and God only knows what lurks there. As for the metro tunnels that suffer only minimal amounts of flood damage, they quickly became the nesting site for a mutant mostly unknown to the world above. These creatures are considered the greatest threat from a single mutant species to date. 

In an attempt to contain the mutant threat all Metro entrances that could be located where collapsed to prevent the mutants from rising to the surface but one entrance was left open and a large outpost was build above. There are no means to fully eradicate the creatures, so elite units have been formed for the sole purpose of burning the nest bi-weekly to keep the creatures focus on rebuilding rather then taking an interest in the surface. 

Once this elite unit was formed and official became apart of the Renaissance Army they took up the name "The Liquidators", a name possibly derived from the liquidators of the Chernobyl event as both groups purpose was containment. Of all the units in the Renaissance Army The Liquidators are the most elite and their job is considered the most perilous, as almost every expedition to sterilize the nest results in at least one casualty. 

"We are the best of the best, it seems only fitting that we march willingly into hell to do our work, At the end of the day either we do our job and people are saved from those things or we fail and everyone falls, it is a honor and a privilege to have such a responsibility." 

A Liquidator unit member
The Dark
It's a common misconception that the deadliest and most nightmarish mutants retire in the nigh. Many have made the mistake of believing this and they often do not live very long to regret it. Veterans and Elite units will often only move under the cloak of darkness  when it is unavoidable, when moving into the territory in broad daylight would be even more treacherous then in what is described as the dark hell of the night. For it's not that the mutants of the day simply go to sleep but instead it is better to say they go into hiding, they shutter to confront the twisted things of the night.

Once we where not afraid of the night, but now the night is the manifestation of fear itself.


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